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Bioparc Fuengirola championed a new animal park model based on respect for nature and the preservation of their species, a model that has become a benchmark in Europe.

Talk about Bioparc Fuengirola is referring to a different concept, a park where animals live together in a recreation of their natural habitat that favors their development at all levels. Visit is to enter an authentic documentary about the deepest tropical forests of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific islands.

Bioparc Fuengirola  is characterized, among other things, for its architectural design called zoo-immersion, which immerses visitors in the environment of the animal. The whole park is designed to envelop him who wanders in a recreation of the habitat from which the animals.

An extraordinary recreation of this ecosystem, where vegetation and water elements are constant.




 Days Monday to Friday
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
January 1 to 31 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:00h
February 1 to 28 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:30h
March 1 to 31 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 19:00h
April 1 to 30 10:00h – 19:00h 10:00h – 19:30h
May 1 to 31 10:00h – 19:00h 10:00h – 20:00h
June 1 to 14 10:00h – 19:00h 10:00h – 20:00h
15 to 21 10:00h – 20:00h 10:00h – 21:00h
22 to 30 10:00h – 20:30h 10:00h – 21:30h
July 1 to 31 10:00h – 23:00h 10:00h – 23:00h
August 1 to 31 10:00h – 23:00h 10:00h – 23:00h
September 1 to 13 10:00h – 20:00h 10:00h – 21:00h
14 to 30 10:00h – 19:00h 10:00h – 20:00h
October 1 to 24 10:00h – 18:30h 10:00h – 19:00h
25 to 31 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:00h
November 1 to 30 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:00h
December 1 to 9 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:30h
10 to 31 10:00h – 18:00h 10:00h – 18:00h


  • Duración de la visita: 3 horas aproximadamente.
  • El parque abre todos los días del año desde las 10:00h de la mañana, sin excepciones.
  • No te pierdas la exhibicion “Claro de Selva“.
  • Visita las cuatro especies de lémures en el árbol Baobab.
  • Servicio de restauración.
  • Disponibilidad zona infantil de juegos.
  • La taquilla se cerrará una hora antes del cierre del parque, es decir, la hora máxima para acceder al parque es una hora antes del cierre.


“Visit the four species of lemurs on the Baoba tree”


 Entry DayPricesTickets
General19,50€ Buy Tickets
Children (from 3-9 years)13,50€ Buy Tickets
+ 65 years14,50€ Buy Tickets
Disabled11,50€ Buy Tickets

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